Football Manager Screener Beta
Exporting views from Football Manager to FMScreener

How to export
Before you can upload anything to FMScreener, you'll need to export views from Football Manager. This is quite easy. When you are in the view you'd like to export, you have two options. You can either use the keyboard shortcut which is CTRL-P by default, or use the menus. If you go by the menus, this is where you'll find the option:

Print screen in the menus
Print screen in the menus

As you can see, the print screen option is easy to find. Once you have used either the keyboard shortcut or the menus another dialog will open up. This one gives you three options with the export; Printer, Web Page, and Text File. You will have to select either Web Page or Text File, and either is fine as FMScreener will recognize both of them.

Select export format (either is fine)
Selecting export format
Saving the exported files (it says Save Game, but it's just saving exports)
Saving export as

Uploading to FMScreener
When you have the exported file saved, you can go to The Screener, press the "UPLOAD FILES" button, and upload the files you exported. If you decided to save your files in the default location, they are usually located here ([year] indicates edition of FM):

  • Linux / Mac: > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager [year] ("~/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager [year]")
  • Windows: > My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager [year] (%userprofile%\documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager [year])

Select the files you want to screen, and press enter. The uploaded files will be processed one by one. Keep in mind that sorting will only work on the lateste processed file, so if you have several views with multiple staff, only the one that is processed last will have a table that can be sorted. Also, when uploading a huge file the uploader may seem to be stuck at 100%, but generally it is your browser that is working to render a rather huge table.

Multiple uploads in progress
Multiple uploads in progress