Football Manager Screener Beta
Coach search view usage guide
The multiple coach view, or coach/staff search, allows you to screen more coaches than before. However, there is one requirement. Your staff search view needs to be configured in a certain manner. The following 11 attributes must be present in the view:
  • Name
  • Attack Coaching
  • Defence Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Goalkeepers
  • Mental Coaching
  • Tactical Coaching
  • Technique Coaching
  • Determination
  • Level of Discipline
  • Motivating

Other than that, you are free to have whatever you'd like in the view. If you have the Nationality column in your view, FMScreener will also produce a flag next to the names the coaches.

Sample coach search view with all 11 required attributes present
Sample coach search view

Alternatively, you may download a pre-defined FMScreener view:

  • Download the view (FM 13: RAR | ZIP, FM 14: RAR | ZIP, FM 15: RAR | ZIP)
  • Unpack to a folder of your choice, for example %userprofile%\documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\views in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Import the view into FM
    • NOTE! If you experience problems importing the view, try changing to English (UK) language and to the default FM2013 skin. Once imported, you are free to change the language and skin as you wish
  • FM will automatically start using this view, so you can start searching for new coaches right away!
    • I also included job related fields, nationality, youth coaching and man management in the view for convenience.
Import a new view
Import a new view
Select the file
Select the file
Confirm the new view is imported
View is imported

The import of this view will produce the following result for your staff search

The coaches in the new customised view
New coach search view

You are now ready to start exporting and screening! Refer to the exporting to FMScreener guide for information on how to export views in Football Manager and upload them to FMScreener.

Keep in mind that the farther down you scroll while searching for staff in Football Manager, the more staff will be included in your export. This way you can potentially screen hundreds of staff in one go. The only backdraw is that it will put a little strain on your browser as the processed result would be a large table.

After uploading an export of the Coach search view, it will be parsed and presented in a easily readable way, with headers that can be clicked on and sorted in both ascending and descending order. However, at the moment sorting only works on the latest screened set of coaches, so if you screen another set, the sorting for older sets breaks.

As you can see from the last image the Tactics coaches are sorted. There are also some coaches who has a different background color in some training categories. This means that they are the best coaches in that category. If a coach has this background color, he is the very best in the that category, while this background color shows he is second best in that category.

The coaches after being screened are displayed in a user friendly manner
Screened coaches
... and you can easily sort the coaches by clicking on the headers to find which one fits the job description!
Sorting the coaches

In conclusion
Screening coaches are now much easier than ever. No more typing the attributes manually, nor uploading a bunch of single coach views (although that is still possible!). However, the hiring process is entirely out of FMScreener's hands. We screen them, you hire them! :-)